Terms & Conditions

Ski Hut rental equipment

General terms and conditions of sale – La Plagne and Val d’Isere

The undersigned declares to have read the terms and conditions concerning the rental of the equipment attributed to him/her, and which are the following:
– All rental equipment is recognised as being in good condition at the moment of hire and must be returned in a similar state.
– A valid credit card is required for all rental equipment
– All rental equipment, being either numbered or marked for identification purposes, must be returned with the same number or identification mark
– In the case of damage to the equipment, the person hiring agrees to pay for all necessary repairs, as stipulated in the invoice or estimate that is presented to him/her. The payment will be processed on the client’s credit card. The payment of the initial rental costs will also be included in the final bill – this will be the case unless the person is insurance against such eventualities.
– The cost of rental is counted from the moment that the person receives the equipment and up until the moment that the equipment is given back. Each day counted is calculated in accordance with the price and conditions publicly displayed. The hired equipment must be returned if requested.
– The paid deposit does in no case represent the value of the hired equipment but is simply a guarantee on the rental.
– Proof of identity may be requested before the equipment is given to the person hiring.
– The theft or loss of any rental material is the entire responsibility of the person hiring. This is unless a guarantee has been signed antecedently (see “guarantee” section below).
– The rented equipment is placed under the supervision of the person hiring, who thereby assumes all responsibility.
The competent powers:
For all litigations, regardless of their nature, the police court, the higher civil courts and the commercial court for the specific judicial district hold all responsibility.

Guarantee: Ski Hut’s theft and damage guarantee costs 1.50€ per person per day. The guarantee reduces the amount payable in the event of theft or damage as follows:

Ski poles: 5€
Helmet: 7€
Kids ski boots: 10€
Kids skis: 20€
Junior ski boots: 15€
Junior skis: 25€
Adult boots: 30€
Adult beginner skis: 35€
Adult intermediate skis and snowboard: 65€
Adult advanced skis: 115€

Without this guarantee the following amounts will be payable for theft or damage:

Ski poles: 15€
Helmet: 20€
Kids ski boots: 30€
Kids skis: 60€
Junior ski boots: 50€
Junior skis: 80€
Adult boots: 90€
Adult beginner skis: 110€
Adult intermediate skis and snowboard: 200€
Adult advanced skis: 350€